The worst pain when cycling is normally caused by the wrong saddle. If you’re unlucky, the pain can last several days in your coccyx, ischium or other sensitive parts. At that point it is high time to look for a suitable saddle. There are saddles with certain characteristics for every type of cycling, whether competitive sport or leisure biking. Shape and material are matched to the type of bike, sitting position, length of the ride and sex. A broad and well padded saddle doesn’t automatically mean a comfortable seat; for example, in your are in a position leaning forward on a long ride, then saddles with little cushioning are best. Racing cyclists, who cycle in a position suited to racing, look for lightweight and therefore narrow, long saddles with little cushioning. Broad, well padded saddles are best for city bikes and short journeys into town when you sit in an upright position. Applications are as numerous and different as the range of saddles from XLC.