XLC zadeladapter voor bidonhouder, 68 mm

SKU: 2503203000
€ 8,95


Sometimes, you need another place to store your water - enter the saddle adapter for bottle cages BC-X03 from XLC. Featuring an ingenious design, this adapter allows you to mount a bottle cage to your bike’s saddle. Whether you are a triathlete looking for aero gains, or a bikepacker that needs more mounting points, this saddle adapter opens up a world of possibilities. It comes in two clamp sizes, 45 mm and 68 mm, so it will work with most saddle rails - but check your saddle rail width before purchasing. It comes only in a black colourway. The XLC BC-X03 is also small enough that you can mount two adapters to one saddle, so you can accessorise your bike the way you want to.


Kenmerk 1
bevestiging zalderail
Kenmerk 2
ideaal voor bevestiging van twee adapters aan één zadel
Materiaal bidonhouder
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