XLC vervangende pinnen PD-X12, set van 52 PD-M09/12/M-14/M-

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If you need to freshen up your XLC pedals, the XLC PD-X12 pin set is for you. Containing 52 pins, the XLC PD-X12 pin set is designed for use with XLC PD-M09, PD-M12, PD-M14, PD-M19, PD-M20 and PD-M21 pedals. These pedals all already have pins that help you find better grip and reduce slip. Over time, these pins may become worn or go missing, and that’s why they need replacing. To make things even easier, this pin set includes an Allen key so you can screw them in easily.These pins are sized at M4 x 9 mm.


Kenmerk 1
vervangende pinnen voor XLC PD-M09/12/M-14/M19/M-20/M-21 pedalen
Kenmerk 2
52 stuks
Kenmerk 3
M4 x 9 mm