XLC ventieladapter, SV (pomp) naar DV/PV messing

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€ 5,95


The convenient set of trendy copper XLC valve adapters PU-X14 to convert your AV valve to use with Dunlop valves. The brass composition ensures these are damage-resistant and reusable over and over again. Available in an attractive, brassy gold colour these are unlikely to get lost, despite their small size and weight. The simple screw mechanism makes these easy to install and use.The PU-X14 valve adapters can be bought individually or in sets of 10 or 100 – the workshop quantity. This component comes with a gasket to protect against air leaks.


Kenmerk 1
materiaal: messing
Kenmerk 2
van AV (pomp) naar DV / SV (ventiel)
Kenmerk 3
incl. afdichting