XLC universele adapter voor bidonhouder, zwart, voor zadelpen

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€ 34,95


The XLC adapter for water bottle cage BC-X07 is a great way to mount your water bottle to your seatpost. For whatever reason, sometimes you don’t want your water bottle to be on your frame - or perhaps it will not fit. This adapter from XLC allows you to mount your cage to your seatpost, offering you a wider choice of mounting positions as well as aerodynamic benefits. The XLC BC-X07 can be used on seatposts with a diameter of either 27.2 mm or 31.6 mm. Most modern bikes have seatposts of these sizes, but it’s worth double-checking which one yours is before purchasing. The cage adapter is constructed using aluminium 6061-T6, known for its light weight and strength.


Kenmerk 1
adapter voor bidonhouder op zadelpen
Kenmerk 2
voor zadelpen met Ø 27,2 en 31,6 mm
Materiaal bidonhouder
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