XLC spiraalslot, 180 cm x Ø 8 mm, zwart, min PU

SKU: 2502322000
€ 79,50


The XLC spiral cable lock LO-L14 features a sturdy double snake cylinder and double rubber coated cable, making it sturdy, secure and safe. The included mount allows you to securely carry your spiral lock on your frame, meaning there is no need for panniers or backpacks to carry your lock. Additionally, this lock features a spare key - so be sure to keep it safe and sound for emergencies. The LO-L14 is perfectly suited for locking your bike up for short periods of time while you run errands. However, if you need a more substantial lock to leave your bike overnight or unattended for long periods of time, XLC has a large range of sturdy locks for you to choose from.


Kenmerk 1
spiraalslot met DS (double snake) cilinder
Kenmerk 2
dubbele rubbercoating
Kenmerk 3
incl. houder
Kenmerk 4
informatie voor verdelers: minimum order 12 stuks
Bevestigingsmateriaal inc
Lengte in cm
Diameter in mm