XLC spiegel MR-K18, interne klemming, rond, Ø 62 mm, l

SKU: 2503250045
€ 21,95


The XLC MR-K18 bike mirror is an excellent way to improve your road safety. A hard-wearing accessory, this mirror is made of shatterproof stainless steel, making it reliable and easy to clean. The surface of the ‘Blue HD’ mirror has a blue tint, which functions as an anti-dazzle measure. With only a 60% light transmission factor, you won’t be blinded by the road lights. The hard nylon shell and rod are fully 3D adjustable, featuring a 180° folding angle and the ability to rotate 360°. The aluminium inner clamp is made to be compatible with inner handlebar clamps of between 14.8 and 22.5 mm.Including an additional reflector, the XLC MR-K18 bike mirror is recommended for Flatbar, Riserbar or Hybrid handlebars.


Kenmerk 1
voor interne klemming op het stuur 14,8-22,5 mm
Kenmerk 2
aluminium klem, nylon behuizing, nylon stang
Kenmerk 3
splintervrij, 'Blue HD'-spiegelglas, blauw getint
Kenmerk 4
antiverblindingsfunctie, 60% lichttransmissiefactor
Kenmerk 5
in 3 richtingen verstelbaar, 180° inklaphoek, 360° draaibaar