XLC speed pedelec spiegel MR-K28, externe klemming, ri

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€ 30,95


Specifically designed to suit speed pedelecs, the XLC bike mirror MR-K28 features both an aerodynamic design for decreased wind resistance and lightweight not to disrupt the weight of your bike. The mirror clamps externally to your handlebars between 21 and 26 mm, so a sturdy and stable platform allows for maximum visibility. The mirror itself features an XXL reflective surface, helping to increase visibility. As well as this, the mirror is shatterproof and features blue, HD, anti-reflective glass to reduce the amount of glare and dazzle from lights and further help improve visibility in low light. The durable frame is constructed using bulletproof nylon for 45km/h speed pedelec and features an adjustable angle of sight, making this mirror an all-around ideal choice of mirror.


Kenmerk 1
voor externe klemming 21-26 mm
Kenmerk 2
speciaal geschikt voor Speed Pedelecs
Kenmerk 3
E13-goedgekeurd en ontworpen
Kenmerk 4
aerodynamisch ontwerp om de luchtweerstand en het lage gewicht te dempen
Kenmerk 5
XXL reflecterend oppervlak