XLC schijfrem reserveonderdelenset BP-X01, doos voor werkplaats

SKU: 2039602000
€ 59,95


If you’re repairing or replacing your brakes or even need some spares to keep in your home workshop, then the XLC BP-X01 disc brake spare parts kit has everything you need. The kit includes 10 M4 x 22m adjustment screws compatible with Magura/Marta/Gustav/Louise 2007 components. The spare parts kit also contains 30 x 35mm springs compatible with Shimano Deore and Avid Elixir ⅓ (HBP-50) and 10 x 45mm springs compatible with Hayes and Hope (HBP-51). The XLC BP-X01 disc brake spare parts kit contains four types of mounting bolt: 20 of size M4 x 22mm, 20 of size M4 x 27mm, 10 of size M4 x 36mm and 10 of size M5 x 25mm. Lastly, the kit contains 40 fastening clips for use with M4 and M5 mounting bolts.


Kenmerk 1
10 x stelschroef M4 x 22,5 mm Magura/Marta/Gustav/Louise 2007 (HBP-49)
Kenmerk 2
30 x veer 35 mm Shimano Deore, Avild Elixir 1/3 (HBP-50)
Kenmerk 3
10 x veer 45 mm Hayes, Hope (HBP-51)
Kenmerk 4
20 x bevestigingsbout M4 x 22 mm Avid Elixir 5/7/9/Guide/Code/Trial (HBP-52)
Kenmerk 5
20 x bevestigingsbout M4x27 mm Shimano XT/XTR, Magura MT2/4/6/8, Tektro, Formula Oro (HBP-53)