XLC Road cartridge-remschoenen BS-R07, set van 4, 5

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€ 19,95


The XLC Cartridge Road Brake Shoes BS-R07 have been designed specifically with Campagnolo brake systems in mind. If you run Campagnolo brakes on your road bike, these are the brake shoes for you. A handy colour indicator on the shoes indicate when they should be changed – as soon as the first colour layer has been worn away, it’s time to replace them to maintain optimum braking performance. The shoes are available in a set of four, two for the front wheel and two for the rear. Suitable for year-round use and across all compatible Campagnolo brake systems, the XLC Cartridge Road Brake Shoes BS-R07, 50mm in length, are manufactured from a rubber compound for ultimate braking performance.


Kenmerk 1
remschoenen voor cartridge-rem
Kenmerk 2
geschikt voor Campagnolo
Kenmerk 3
lengte: 50 mm
Kenmerk 4
set van 4
Kenmerk 5
voor aluminium velgen