XLC Raceby racestuur HB-R07, 380 mm, Ø 31,8 mm,

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The XLC HB-R07 road rar from XLC’s RACEBY range is a high-performing racing handlebar. Part of XLC’s lightweight range, the HB-R07 road bar is weight-optimised, meaning it is designed to weigh as little as possible without affecting functionality. Using aviation-grade aluminium, the HB-R07 road bar has exceptionally high distensible strength and is a durable choice for your road bike. Available in four different widths, the HB-R07 can be customised to suit your needs. The ergonomic shape with a 2° flare angle is built for speed and efficiency.The XLC HB-R07 road bar has a clamping area of Ø 31.8 mm; this must be considered when purchasing a handlebar stem to attach.


Kenmerk 1
licht, geoptimaliseerd racestuur van aluminium
Kenmerk 2
flarehoek 2°
Kenmerk 3
in vier verschillende breedtes verkrijgbaar
Kenmerk 4
ergonomisch gevormd
Kenmerk 5
uit de RACEBY productserie
Handlebar Width (mm)
Soort pomp
Drop (mm)
Reach (mm)