XLC MTB/Roadrace spiegel MR-K24, interne klemming, links

SKU: 2503250080
€ 22,95


The small, lightweight design of the XLC bike mirror MR-K24 is ideal for riders not wanting to compromise on either performance or safety. With an inner handlebar clamp between 16 and 23 mm, this compact mirror is specifically designed for road racing or mountain bike handlebars. The reinforced nylon, bulletproof designed frame protects the HD glass mirror, featuring a convex lens of 6x5.5 mm dimensions which, although small, offers excellent visibility. Not only can the mirror angle be adjusted, but it is suitable for both right and left sides of the handlebar, meaning wherever you ride in the world, you can still have maximum visibility. Don’t compromise speed for safety; make the most of the XLC MR-K24 bike mirror.


Kenmerk 1
voor interne klemming op het stuur 16-23 mm
Kenmerk 2
kleine, lichtgewicht spiegel speciaal ontwikkeld voor racesturen op racefietsen of MTB's
Kenmerk 3
HD glas met bolle lens 6 x 5,5 mm
Kenmerk 4
versterkt nylon frame, kogelwerende constructie
Kenmerk 5
instelbare hoek