XLC mirror MR-K27 outer clamping, right

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€ 25,95


Fitting to your handlebars with an external clamp between 21 and 26 mm, the XLC bike mirror MR-K27 is the ideal mirror choice for eBike, cruiser and mountain bike users. The XLC MR-K27 bike mirror utilises a specially designed alloy clamp that helps absorb vibrations that may come from the road or trail when out riding. The shatterproof, blue HD anti-reflective mirror keeps your visibility clear even when the light begins to fade, and car headlights may become dazzling. The mirror itself sits atop a lightweight rod made of anodised alloy, the adjustable angle of sight allows the rider to fine-tune their line of sight for maximum visibility and awareness of their surroundings, keeping them safer when out riding in built-up areas.


Kenmerk 1
voor externe klemming 21-26 mm
Kenmerk 2
speciale legeringsklem absorbeert trillingen
Kenmerk 3
lichte stang gemaakt van geanodiseerde legering
Kenmerk 4
splintervrij, Blue-HD ontspiegeld glas
Kenmerk 5
instelbare kijkhoeken