XLC mirror MR-K26 outer clamping, right

SKU: 2503250086
€ 23,95


The XLC bike mirror MR-K26 is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a strong and stable mirror. It is constructed using a lightweight rod made of anodised alloy with a specially designed alloy clamp that absorbs road vibrations and keeps your vision clear at all times. The clamp mounts externally to handlebars between 21 and 26 mm, ideally suited to eBikes, cruisers and mountain bikes. The shatterproof, stainless steel mirror allows you a perfect line of sight to traffic and other road users around you, and the adjustable angle of sight allows you to fine-tune its position for optimum visibility. The XLC MR-K26 bike mirror is the ideal choice for those looking to increase their visibility and safety when enjoying a bike ride.


Kenmerk 1
voor externe klemming op het stuur 21-26 mm
Kenmerk 2
speciale legeringsklem absorbeert trillingen
Kenmerk 3
lichte stang gemaakt van geanodiseerde legering
Kenmerk 4
splintervrij spiegelglas van roestvrij staal
Kenmerk 5
instelbare kijkhoeken