XLC mirror MR-K05 Ø 75mm

SKU: 2503240500
€ 6,95


Practice good road safety and upgrade the look of your bike with the XLC MR-K05 bike mirror. This classically designed bike mirror will be both a practical and aesthetic addition to your bicycle. Unbelievably simple to attach, the mirror comes with a clip to help you mount it directly onto your handlebar. With an integrated white reflector and chrome-plated casing, the mirror is sturdy, durable and easy to keep clean. Attractive and pragmatic, the XLC MR-K05 bike mirror is a simple way to upgrade your bike with ease.


Kenmerk 1
klassieke fietsspiegel Ø 75 mm
Kenmerk 2
verchroomde behuizing
Kenmerk 3
geïntegreerde, witte reflector
Kenmerk 4
incl. klem voor stuurmontage