XLC fietsstandaard KS-S03, zilver, instelbaar 24-29

SKU: 2502600011
€ 12,95


The XLC KS-S03 is a sturdy bike stand designed for mounting on your chainstay. Keep your frame clear of unwanted potential damage by keeping your bike firmly upright wherever you need to stop. Adjustable in length, this bike stand is suitable for a range of wheel sizes between 24 to 29 inches – no need to cut the bike stand down to size. Made from aluminium, this stand strikes a balance between strength and weight and will easily support your bike’s weight while remaining lightweight itself.The XLC KS-S03 bikestand has an extra-large rubber foot to guarantee optimum stability. No adapter plate included.


Kenmerk 1
montage op liggende achtervork
Kenmerk 2
extra grote voet voor stevig staan
Kenmerk 3
Kenmerk 4
geschikt voor wielmaten 24-29"
Kenmerk 5
zonder adapterplaat