XLC fietsstandaard KS-B05, zwart, 16-24

SKU: 2502618032
€ 12,95


The XLC KS-B05 is a reliable aluminium side stand designed to be mounted onto your stand plate, protecting your frame from scratches and any other unwanted damage. Striking a balance between strong and lightweight, this side stand can support weights up to 25kg, despite weighing only 325g itself. Adjustable in length without the need for tools, the XLC KS-B05 side stand can stretch from 16 to 24 inches. Includes mounting screws for ease of attachment and a washer.


Kenmerk 1
robuuste zijstandaard voor bevestiging aan standaardplaat
Kenmerk 2
verstelbaar van 24" tot 28", geen gereedschappen nodig
Kenmerk 3
maximale belasting 25 kg
Kenmerk 4
incl. bevestigingsbout en onderlegring