XLC bidonhouder alum. BC-A04, zilver/mat

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The XLC Drinking Bottle Cage Aluminium BC-A04 is a stylish bottle cage sure to match your modern bike. The cage fits neatly on your down tube or seat tube and will blend in nicely to your frame. With an ultra-lightweight construction, the cage is perfect for any rider looking to save weight on their bike builds.The modern design of the BC-A04 helps to wrap around your bottle and hold it in place firmly. As a result, there is no rattle from your bottles even when you are tackling rough terrain. Mounting screws are included.The XLC Drinking Bottle Cage Aluminium BC-A04 is the ideal bottle cage for any road bike. Stylish, functional and modern, transport your drinking bottles on long rides using this ultra-lightweight bottle cage.


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ultralichte constructie
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modern ontwerp
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bidons zitten stevig vast en rammelen niet
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incl. bevestigingsschroeven
Bottle cage entry
Top Cage
Materiaal bidonhouder
Bidonhouder montage
Inclusief bouten