XLC All MTN topflat stuur HB-M18, 760 mm, Ø 31,8 mm, 1

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The XLC All MTB Topflat-Bar HB-M18 are a pair of flat handlebars that are perfect for use on any type of mountain bike. The handlebars are available in either an incredibly stylish matt black or silver colour, and are made from strong double butted aluminium 2014-T6. This means that the aluminium is thicker at the join for strength but thinner in the middle to save weight. The XLC All MTB Topflat-Bar HB-M18 handlebar is 31.8mm in size and has a width of 760mm. They have a rise of 10mm with a 12 degree back sweep. The handlebars are 311g in weight. These features combine to make these handlebars very comfortable while steering when used on a mountain bike.Full suspension, hardtail, e-bike, sports bike, you name it if it’s a mountain bike, the XLC All MTB Topflat-Bar HB-M18 will help you to get the most out of your riding.


Kenmerk 1
robuust, recht ALL MTN stuur van aluminium
Kenmerk 2
breedte: 760 mm
Kenmerk 3
klemming: Ø 31,8 mm
Kenmerk 4
rise: 10 mm
Kenmerk 5
backsweep: 12°
Handlebar Width (mm)
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