XLC achtervorkbeschermer CP-N04, zwart, 260 x 80 x

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€ 9,95


The XLC Chainstay Protector CP-N04 is made of black neoprene and protects the paint on the chainstay from damage if it’s hit by the chain. This usually occurs when riding over a particularly bumpy trail, track or dodgy stretch of road. A reinforced chainstay protector like this one will prevent bad scratches, as well as protecting against damage from dirt and debris.The dimensions of the XLC Chainstay Protector CP-N04 are 250 x 130 x 130mm and it is attached to the bike via a sturdy Velcro strap, neatly capped off by the stamped XLC logo.Being slightly longer than standard, it’s perfect for cyclocross, road and mountain bikes, especially when the going gets tough.


Kenmerk 1
met klittenbandsluiting
Kenmerk 2
versterkte uitvoering
Kenmerk 3
afmetingen : 260 x 80 x 100 mm