XLC achterstandaard KS-R01, zwart, verstelbaar 24-28

SKU: 2502600200
€ 19,95


Although most modern bikes don't come equipped with bike kickstands, many of them should. Versatile and lightweight, they offer riders a solution to many bike balance issues. The XLC Chainstay Mount Stand KS-R01 allows riders to balance their bike safely, and wherever they choose rather than having to lean it against a wall. The XLC Chainstay Mount Stand KS-R01 has an extra-large rubber foot when it's extended, thereby spreading the load of the bike's weight across a larger area. This means it won't tip over even when laden with luggage. The XLC Chainstay Mount Stand KS-R01 is adjustable from between 24-28", a suitable range for most heights of bikes. The mount stand is manufactured using polythene, a durable and lightweight plastic.


Kenmerk 1
extra grote voet voor stevig staan
Kenmerk 2
extra adapterplaat voor montage op bracketplaat