XLC achterstandaard Axle KS-R03, zwart, 26-29

SKU: 2502610200
€ 24,95


A versatile bicycle stand, the KS-R03 from XLC is adjustable to adapt to various wheel sizes and different sized frames. Easy to attach, this stand is made to be mounted on your bike’s hub axle. Suitable for multi-gear hubs, single-speed hubs and chain gears with groove, this kickstand is versatile in more ways than one.Made from aluminium, this kickstand is both hard-wearing and lightweight, so it doesn’t impact your bike’s performance. A practical choice, the XLC KS-R03 bicycle stand will help you avoid damage to your bike frame wherever you decide to stop.


Kenmerk 1
geschikt voor fietsen met naafversnelling, singlespeed en derailleurschakeling met moer