Snelbinder voor XLC zadelpenbagagedrager 600mm, zwart

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The XLC RP-X01 Tensioning Strap For Seatpost Carrier is the ideal accompaniment for XLC seatpost carriers. If you need to keep your luggage safe and secure whilst carrying your cargo from one destination to another, then this is the ideal strap for you. The 580 mm tensioning strap has two metal hooks on each side, allowing you to hook one end to one side of the rack, pull it tight up and over your precious cargo or bag and hook back down on the other side of the rack. The RP-X01 strap pairs perfectly with a range of XLC’s cycling luggage. So whether you use your seatpost mounted carrier for bike packing trips, or carrying documents to the office, secure it with the RP-X01 tensioning strap.


Kenmerk 1
for seatpost carriers 
Kenmerk 2
length: 580mm
Kenmerk 3
2 hooks