Brand new and really hot!

23 January, 2019

Brand new and really hot!

Yes, we know that it’s quite cold outside, but that’s no reason to leave the bike in the shed. The right clothing is the key to success and the new XLC multi-functional neck warmer will keep every part of your head warm and protected. The neck tube is all-round protection against cold air and icy temperatures. Not only on your bike, but also for other outdoor activities. The material is breathable and dries quickly, it is pleasant on the skin and very light so it doesn’t take up any room in your rucksack.

The XLC neck warmer is available in four trending designs and is available as of now.

And guess what? We’ve got the headbands in matching colours for you. On cold days they will protect your ears from wind and cold, on hot days they will stop sweat from dripping in your eyes. And the elastic material means the headbands adapt perfectly to the size of your head. Since the material is very light, it can be worn under your helmet.