XLC Suspension Dropper Posts: The perfect combination of comfortable suspension seat post with practical telescopic function

Comfortable and functional: XLC Suspension Dropper Post SP-S13 and SP-S14

The new XLC seat posts combine excellent suspension with an extremely practical telescopic function. These innovative seat posts open up new possibilities for trekking and city bike riders who have long appreciated the benefits of suspension seat posts. They guarantee a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads and uneven terrain. This comfortable riding experience is now extended by the introduction of the telescopic seat post function, which has so far been used mainly in the mountain bike sector. Off-road, the saddle is lowered during challenging descents, allowing the rider to shift their weight backwards to maintain full control of their mountain bike.

On trekking and city bikes, this function can also be used in other ways, e.g. when stopping at junctions. For stopping, the seat post can be lowered so that the whole foot can be placed on the ground without having to get off the saddle. The XLC blaster remote lever on the handlebar allows effortless adjustment of the seat post height. A brief release of the saddle followed by a simple push is all that is needed to return the seat post to its original position.

A seat post for every bicycle frame

The XLC Suspension Dropper Posts are available in two variants: The SP-S13 with external cable routing and the SP-S14 with internal cable routing. Both versions are available in different diameters and lengths as well as travels, making them compatible with most bike frames.

XLC Suspension Dropper Post SP-S13, external cable routing

  • 2502080021 Ø 27.2 mm/390 mm, travel 120 mm

  • 2502080025 Ø 30.9 mm/352 mm, travel 100 mm

  • 2502080026 Ø 30.9 mm/392 mm, travel 120 mm

  • 2502080030 Ø 31.6 mm/352 mm, travel 100 mm

  • 2502080031 Ø 31.6 mm/392 mm, travel 120 mm

XLC Suspension Dropper Post SP-S14, internal cable routing

  • 2502080040 Ø 27.2 mm/340 mm, travel 80 mm

  • 2502080041 Ø 27.2 mm/390 mm, travel 100 mm

  • 2502080045 Ø 30.9 mm/322 mm, travel 80 mm

  • 2502080046 Ø 30.9 mm/362 mm, travel 100 mm

  • 2502080047 Ø 30.9 mm/402 mm, travel 120 mm

  • 2502080050 Ø 31.6 mm/322 mm, travel 80 mm

  • 2502080051 Ø 31.6 mm/362 mm, travel 100 mm

  • 2502080052 Ø 31.6 mm/402 mm, travel 120 mm

Individually adjustable suspension

The suspension of the XLC Suspension Dropper Posts can be precisely adjusted to the rider's weight and preferences. Thanks to an air pressure of up to 60 mm, a finely tuned suspension is possible. The patent head ensures a low mounting height.

Rider sitting on XLC Suspension Dropper Seat Post SP-S14

Tested top performance

The quality and safety of the XLC Suspension Dropper Posts is guaranteed by comprehensive test certifications. Depending on the diameter, the models are certified for different categories:

  • Ø 27.2 mm category 3-5 MTB AM/TR, FR/DH (EPAC120)

  • Ø 30.9 / 31.6 mm Category 3-5 MTB XC/MA, AM/TR, FR/DH (EPAC120)


With the remote lever, the travel adjustment takes place via a release lever on the handlebar. We have different lever models in our range.

For internal cable routing, you need a pre-assembled frame specifically for this type of cable routing. If an ICR Dropper was already installed, retrofitting should not be a problem. External cable routing is possible for almost every frame.

The following applies to both variants: You must first check which shaft diameter and which shaft length your frame saddle tube is suitable for. It is always best to contact the respective bicycle manufacturer to check compatibility.