Carry even bikes with wide tyres with the new XLC Bike Racks Azura Easy WT or Azura Xtra WT

Wider tyres, larger frames, heavier bikes: With constantly changing bike shapes and the growing desire to have a powerful e-bike that can take you to great places quickly and easily, the transport of these bikes must develop as fast as the bikes themselves.

While it’s great to explore the local trails around your home town, the real freedom lies in being able to take your bike with you on your next holiday, whether it's cruising scenic coastal paths or tackling steep mountain trails. However, choosing the right bike rack to suit your needs becomes essential.

Having all those new trends and desires in mind, let us make it easy for you and introduce you to the new XLC Bike Racks Azura Easy WT and Azura Xtra WT. While some of you may already be familiar with the Azura Bike Racks, these updated versions come with significant improvements, making them the perfect rack for any bike. Let us give you the full Azura Easy WT VC-C09 and Xtra WT VC-C10 experience!

The Features of the upgraded Bike Racks Azura Easy WT and Azura Xtra WT

Designed as the perfect travel companions for your cycling excursions with your car, both Azura Easy WT and Azura Xtra WT are tow bar-mounted bike racks, differing slightly in their mounting methods, which we'll discuss later.

Compared to previous Azura models, these models feature longer rails to accommodate bicycles with a maximum wheelbase of 130 cm and wider wheel holders capable of supporting tyre widths of up to 68 mm. This allows the bike racks to carry a broader range of electric bikes with large frames and wide tyres, which are becoming increasingly common, including electric mountain bikes and electric SUVs.

More common features of The Azura Easy and Xtra WT

LED lighting

For better visibility on the road, both bike racks come equipped with LED lighting, ensuring safety during transport.


Both bike racks can be folded to a compact size of 245 x 780 x 500 mm for easy storage and fit into your car boot when not in use.


To protect your bikes against theft, both the bike racks and the frame clamps are lockable.
  • Azura Xtra WT

    Unique Feature of the Bike Rack

    You were probably wondering about the key difference between the Azura Easy WT and the Azura Xtra WT. Next to the small difference in mounting the bike rack on the tow bar of your car, the Azura Xtra WT has a great feature for more convenience when loading the car. Imagine having the bike rack fully loaded with bikes when you suddenly realize you've forgotten to pack items in your car trunk. With the tiltable function of the Azura Xtra WT, accessing your car trunk becomes effortless, even with bikes loaded on the rack.
  • Dimensions and Specifications of the Bike Racks


    • Folded Dimensions: 245x780x500 mm

    • Mounted Dimensions:1410x780x500 mm

    • Compatible with frame diameters up to 60 mm round tube


    • Max. load: 60 kg

    • Max. weight per bike: 30 kg

    • Weight of the bike rack: Azura Xtra WT 16 kg / Azura Easy WT 13 kg

    Enhancements with Optional Accessories

    Loading Ramp CC-C23

    Loading e-bikes onto a bike rack can take a lot of strength - especially if they are super heavy. That is why we have developed a special loading ramp that fits both racks – the Azura Easy WT and the Azura Xtra WT. This lightweight loading ramp CC-C23 simplifies the process, ensuring effortless loading and unloading of your bikes. Simply unfold it and place it onto the side of one rail. Afterward, you can easily roll your heavy e-bike over the ramp onto the bike rack. When you are finished, simply fold it up again and place it in the car, where it is easily accessible when you reach your destination and want to unload your bikes.

    Third Bike Extension Set VC-X26

    The standard version of both Azura bike racks can carry two bikes, but with the extension set, the rack can be converted to a bike rack for three bikes. The two brackets of the extension set can be easily adjusted to set the correct width for adding the extension to the bike rack.  One important thing is to keep in mind to not overload the car. Every car can carry a certain weight on its tow bar. To find out how much weight your tow bar can carry, check your vehicle registration document, which will tell you how much weight your car can carry on its tow bar.

    Caution: The extension set is not suitable for e-bikes.

    Upgrade your old Azura Easy and your Azura Xtra

    In case you have one of our older Azura models and you would like to upgrade the model in order to be able to also carry bikes with wider tyres, you can simply replace the existing wheel holders with the new wheel holders WT CC-X62. By replacing the existing wheel holders with our new wheel holders WT CC-X62, you can increase the maximum tyre width from 57 mm to 68 mm. The new wheel holders are adjustable in their distance from each other and have adjustable fixing straps, just like the previous versions.

     So, if you have one of these models you can easily upgrade them with our new wheel holders:

    • Azura Easy VC-C06

    • Aura Easy LED VC-C04

    • Azura Xtra CC-C01

    • Azura Xtra LED VC-C05

    How to fit your new Azura Bike Racks onto the Car

    Both bike racks can be easily attached to your car's tow bar. Before fitting, make sure that your car's tow bar can support the weight of the rack and the bikes. As explained above, there is a slight difference in the way the two racks are fitted to your car. While the Azura Easy WT is lifted onto the tow bar and secured by folding it out, the Azura Xtra WT has an additional handle to secure it to the tow bar. Once the rack is attached to your car, you can easily lift the bikes onto the rack’s rails or roll them onto the rack using the optional loading ramp. Fold the frame clamps forward and close the frame clamps around the top tube or seat tube of the bike. Lock the frame clamps with the key. Secure the wheels of the mounted bikes with the wheel straps. If you are attaching two bikes, the front of the second bike should be on the opposite side to the front of the first bike.

    With our new bike racks Azura Easy WT and Azura Xtra WT, your biking adventures get a whole lot easier. Now, whether you're exploring nearby trails or heading off on a holiday getaway, you can bring your bikes along with convenience. There are no more limits - carry wider tyres, larger frames, and heavier bikes effortlessly. Plus, with features like LED lighting for safety, foldable design for easy storage, and lockable security for peace of mind, you can focus on the journey ahead. Upgrade your old Azura models or start fresh with these upgraded racks. So, mount up and hit the road with XLC Bike Racks Azura Easy WT and Azura Xtra WT.


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