Accessories and Spare Parts for XLC Bike Racks

Discover a diverse selection of accessories and spare parts for your XLC bike rack to get the most out of your rack system. Whether you are looking for spare parts for your XLC bike rack or want to upgrade your existing rack with a ramp rail or a frame adapter - here you will find everything you need to maintain or improve the functionality and safety of your bike rack. For more information on our spare parts and accessories, simply scroll to the bottom of the page.  

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Optimised Performance with XLC Spare Parts 
Our range of spare parts, including frame holders, mounting claws, lights and much more, ensures that the performance of your bike rack is maintained. Each part is precisely matched to the corresponding XLC bike rack model and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing rack system. So you can be sure that your bike rack will always be in top shape. 

Simple Extensions for even more Comfort: XLC Bike Rack Accessories 
The XLC bike rack accessories open up new possibilities for effortless handling. With the drive-on rail, even heavy bikes such as e-bikes can be pushed effort  lessly onto the bike rack - no more inconvenient lifting. Special frame holders allow for the safe transport of different frame types, from conventional to low-rider bikes. 

Why you should rely on XLC Spare Parts and Accessories: 

  • A perfect fit for optimal performance: Every XLC accessory and spare part is designed to fit XLC bike racks like the Almada Work-E and the Azura bike rack. This guarantees a seamless integration and ensures that your rack system works perfectly.

  • Safety first: The safety of your bikes and your vehicle is crucial. Our spare parts help to ensure that your load always reaches its destination safely.  

Please note that the compatibility of the selected spare parts and accessories with your specific XLC bike rack model must be guaranteed. If you are not sure whether the spare part you have found actually fits your bike rack, your XLC dealer will be happy to help you. You can find a dealer near you via our dealer search. 


1. Where can I find spare parts for my bike rack?
Wear and spare parts are available from an XLC dealer. The nearest dealer can be found via the dealer search.

2. What is the low-step frame adapter CC-X61 needed for?
The Almada Work-E rear carrier was specially designed for transporting E-MTBs. This additional adapter is used to enable the transport of classic low-entry bikes.