XLC wall mount KS-W01 for hook-up on FW, 45mm

SKU: 2502605000


Strapped for space? Store your bicycle (and save your ankles) in a space-conscious way with the XLC Wall Bracket KS-W01 for hanging bicyces by front wheel. This neat storage solution reduces clutter and allows for a more efficient use of space, whether the bracket is mounted in the garage or in the house. The soft hook protects your bike from being scratched so you can mount it easily and safely using the front wheel.The wall rack is ideal for space-saving storage as well as an aid in cleaning or servicing your bike. Neat and practical, the KS-W01 will keep your bike out of the way when not in use.The KS-W01 is compatible with wheels of up to 45mm.


Key Feature 1
stable wall rack for mounting via front wheel, 45mm