XLC uni-adapter for bottle cage black, QR

SKU: 2503203510


If you are looking for different ways to mount your bottle cages to your frame, look no further than the uniadapter for bottle cage BC-X06 from XLC. Whether you have a small frame or you are filling your bike up with bags and other accessories for bikepacking, the BC-X06 gives you complete control over where you can mount your water bottles. This adapter comes with universal mounting options thanks to its two clamps, one that can mount on frames or components (like seatposts or handlebars) with a diameter between 22.4 mm and 27.2 mm. The other clamp works on diameters of between 28.6 mm and 31.8 mm. Each adapter is 360° rotatable and uses a clip mount for attachment.


Key Feature 1
universal mounting options
Key Feature 2
2 clamps Ø 22.4-27.2mm, Ø 28.6-31.8mm
Key Feature 3
360° rotatable
Bottle Cage Material
including screws and bolts