XLC tube 700x18/28C 18/28-622/630 PV 60mm

SKU: 2508281600


This all-purpose inner tube from XLC is designed specifically for 28" wheels, also known as 700c wheels, and is a great replacement for your road bike inner tubes. 28" or 700c wheels are most commonly found on road and racing bikes. This tube VT-S28 from XLC is available in three valve length options, 32, 48 and 60mm. The longer the valve, the bigger the wheel depth you can use in conjunction with the tube. It can be purchased to suit the following tyre widths, 700x18/28C and 18/28-622/630. It comes with a Presta valve. These types of valves are most commonly used on high-pressure road inner tubes and can be pumped up using most regular cycling tyre pumps.


Key Feature 1
inner tube
Key Feature 2
700x18/28C 18/28-622/630
Key Feature 3
27/28 x 1 1/8-1.75 28/47-622/635
Key Feature 4
SV 32 / 48 / 60 mm
Shape Valve
Wheel size
Valve type
Valve length in mm
Tyre size (inch)
28x3/4-1 1/16
ETRTO tyre size