XLC tube 27/28 x 1 1/8-1.75 28/47-622/635 SV 33

SKU: 2508280200


An inner tube is one of those things you always have with you but hope you don’t have to think about once installed for a long time. If it does its job well, you won’t. And this XLC inner tube VT-A28 is built to provide long-lasting puncture protection for road bikes. It’s designed specifically for bikes with 28”, or 700c wheels, the most common size found on road and racing bicycles. The tube is compatible with the following tyre sizes, 27/28 x 1, 1/8-1.75 and 28/47-622/635 so make sure that your current tyres are suitable before purchasing. XLC manufacture many inner tubes in different sizes so you will be able to find one that suits your bike even if this one fails to fit the bill.


Key Feature 1
inner tube
Key Feature 2
27/28 x 1 1/8-1.75 28/47-622/635
Key Feature 3
AV 35 mm
Shape Valve
Wheel size
Valve type
Valve length in mm
Tyre size (inch)
28x1 1/4x1 3/8x1 1/2x-175
ETRTO tyre size