XLC suspension seatpost SP-S10 Ø 27.2mm, 350mm, black, patent

SKU: 2502075045


The XLC Suspension Seat Post SP-S10 is an aluminium mountain bike seat post that will be a perfect addition to your off-road bike. The adjustable steel springs can be calibrated for different surfaces and riders, ensuring you can have a comfortable and smooth ride over any terrain. With its patented shape, the seat post perfectly blends reliability, durability, and style so you can look good and be safe. The seat post is available in two diameters – 25.4mm and 27.2mm, and measures 350mm in length, giving you ample room to achieve the suitable saddle height. Be sure to check which diameter your frame is compatible with before ordering. With 40mm of give in the suspension, you can glide over rocky paths with minimal impact or strain on your body.


Key Feature 1
suspension seatpost made of aluminium
Key Feature 2
spring type: Steel springs, tension adjustable
Key Feature 3
shape: patented
Key Feature 4
travel: 40 mm
Seatpost Material
Length in mm
Seatpost Diameter
Diameter in mm