XLC seatpost clamp ring PC-L04 Ø 31.6mm, titanium cloured, QR

SKU: 2502064001


Add a pop of colour to your bike with the XLC Saddle Clamp Colour-Edition PC-L04. You can match the rest of your bike’s colour theme or strike out something completely different with a choice of trending colours including, red, blue, orange, titanium, and lime green. Each colour can be purchased in two sizes to fit either 31.6mm or 34.9mm diameter seat posts. The PC-L04 is made using cold-forged aluminium, which means it's a lightweight product that can stand the test of time. Aluminium is known for its durability, and this particular model also comes with a quick-release lever so it's easy to adjust your seat post height on the go. Whether you're a mountain biker, a road biker or a leisure cyclist, there's a combination to suit.


Key Feature 1
saddle clamp with quick release lever
Key Feature 2
cold forged
Key Feature 3
available in a range of trending colours