XLC rock ring CG-A01 black/silver, 44 teeth, Ø 190mm

SKU: 2502817200


Stay safe from mud and stones with the CG-A01 bash guard from XLC. Created especially for freeriding, this bash guard has your back no matter the terrain. Reduce the need for chainring maintenance and replacement by reducing the amount of contact with naturally occurring obstacles. The bash guard protects your chain and chainrings so you can focus on any jumps and drops instead of potential debris. The bash guard is designed to be mounted to the outer chainring and is CNC machined, which boosts the material’s natural durability. The XLC CG-A01 bash guard features a 104 mm bolt pattern and a diameter of 168 mm. Available to purchase with 38, 42 or 44 teeth.


Key Feature 1
chain guard specially for freeriding
Key Feature 2
is mounted instead of the outer chaining
Key Feature 3
CNC machined
Key Feature 4
bolt pattern: 104 mm
Key Feature 5
Ø 190 mm