XLC rear stand KS-R02 silver, 26-29"

SKU: 2502610100


This streamlined XLC bicycle stand KS-R02 is ideal for the space-conscious. Made of strong yet lightweight aluminium, this stand won’t get in the way. Keep your frame away from damaging surfaces and stop anywhere on your journey. The material is chosen for its sturdy and durable properties, keeping your bike as steady as possible. Designed to be safely mounted at the rear end of your bike frame, KS-R02 is easily packed away when not in use. The adjustable nature of this stand means it is suitable for wheel sizes of 26 to 29 inches. The KS-R02 is available in either black or silver and comes with mounting screws for simpler attachment.


Key Feature 1
Frame rear end mounting
Key Feature 2
Key Feature 3
suitable for wheel sizes 26-29"
Key Feature 4
incl. mounting screws