XLC rear stand KS-C06 black, 24-29", 40mm/Ø 6mm

SKU: 2502618048


A strong, hard-wearing stand, the XLC Rear Kickstand KS-C06 is ideal for use on e-bikes. Rest yourself and your bike with confidence, ensuring that your bike is safe. Able to support up to 35kg, this stand is built from a strong aluminium and has an extra-large rubber foot to optimise stability. The stand comes with a direct mounting fastener for ease of installation to the rear of your bike. Adjustable to fit multiple wheel sizes without the need for home alteration, the KS-C06 is compatible with a variety of frames. It can extend from 26 to 29 inches.The steel components of this stand are resistant to salt spray for up to 720h. The KS-C06 has an XXL overhang.


Key Feature 1
sturdy bike stand, with direct mounting fastener
Key Feature 2
adjustable from 26" to 29"
Key Feature 3
XXL overhang
Key Feature 4
steel components resistant to salt spray up to 720h
Key Feature 5
extra wide rubber foot guarantees optimum stability