XLC mudguard set MG-C03 28", black, 45mm

SKU: 2502502800


If, like us, you’re the type of rider who isn’t scared by a bit of rain, the XLC ATB Mudguard Set MG-C03 is a great accessory for your bike. The set includes both a front and rear mudguard for ultimate protection from rain, dust and mud while riding. The mudguards are clip-on and are also suitable for bikes that use v-brake systems. This XLC ATB Mudguard Set MG-C03 includes the mounting screws necessary for you to attach the mudguards to your bike, so you simply buy, affix and then ride. They are available in three tyre sizes, 20”, 24”-26” and 28” so there is plenty of choice depending on what size tyres you run.


Key Feature 1
clip-on set for front and rear wheels
Key Feature 2
also suitable for V-brakes
Key Feature 3
incl. mounting screws