XLC mini bell Oversize DD-M19 Ø 45mm incl. A-head spacer

SKU: 2500702110


The mini bicycle bell spacer mount DD-M19 is an innovative way of alerting others to your presence while you ride. It mounts to the stem of your bike rather than the handlebars and is suitable for use with a 1 1/8" A-head stem only. Bells are important when you ride on multi-use trails or paths or even to alert pedestrians while you ride on the road. The XLC DD-M19 mini bicycle bell has a diameter of 45 mm and uses a 4 mm aluminium spacer around the stem.The bell itself has a brass sound body and is described as a mini bell, meaning it is somewhat smaller than a traditional sized handlebar-mounted one. It's great if you want a discreet bell for your bike.


Key Feature 1
Ø 45mm
Key Feature 2
for 1 1/8" A-head stem
Key Feature 3
4mm aluminium spacer
Key Feature 4
brass sound body
Diameter in mm