XLC mini bell Oversize DD-M05 flexible mounting

SKU: 2500702000


Make your presence known with the XLC DD-M05 Mini Bicycle Bell Oversize. When riding the local bridle paths or carving the city streets, it’s important to make other users, whether they’re pedestrians or fellow riders, aware that you’re coming by. So give them a friendly ring and a wave, and liven up your local riding spots with the XLC Mini Bicycle Bell and do your bit to keep paths and roads safe and friendly. This bell is perfectly suitable for handlebars with a diameter of up to 31.8 mm. The XLC DD-M05 Mini Bicycle Bell Oversize is held in place with a neat adjustable tension clamp, meaning it can fit on a wide range of bikes and handlebars.


Key Feature 1
suitable for handlebar diameters up to Ø 31.8mm