XLC kids' trailer Carry Van mod. 2018, 16 incl.

SKU: 3092003001


The large and practical XLC bike trailer BS-L03 comprised of a steel frame, a durable plastic base and a folding synthetic fabric covering with water repellent coating. It’s a fast-rolling and hard-wearing unit, with a two-part axle coupling, rear bumper and integrated XLC Rear Light CL-R15. It also comes with a folding rain cover that can easily be removed in reliably good conditions.The trailer has a substantial loading area that is 77cm long, 56cm wide and 34cm deep when closed, weighs 9.2kg and takes a maximum load of 30kg. Its total width is 73.5cm, which includes the removable 16” wheels with aluminium rims and zinc spokes. With the wheels removed, the trailer compartment folds down to a shallow 8cm.


Key Feature 1
practical bike trailer comprising steel frame with plastic bottom
Key Feature 2
fabric covering with water repellent coating
Key Feature 3
2-part universal axle coupling
Key Feature 4
bumper rear
Key Feature 5
foldable rain cover (removeable)
Max. load capacity (kg)
Dimensions in cm (lwh)
Wheel size (inch)
Mounting on bike
Rear Axle