XLC handlebar tape GR-T07 black/red

SKU: 2501592400


Bar tape is one of the final touches of a bike and can help piece it together so it's fun to refresh it now and again. The XLC Handlebar Tape GR-T07 makes the ideal finishing touch to your bike with its standout multicolour design.Not just content with looking pretty, the XLC bar tape is pleasant on your skin thanks to the plastic and microfibre combination. Additionally, the tape will help to absorb some of the road buzz and shocks you get from riding, thereby helping protect your hands and wrists. XLC have constructed this bar tape with a perforated surface in order to generate more grip for the rider. This added grip is great for when the weather turns and you want to avoid hand-slip. The self-adhesive application makes this bar tape simple to apply to your handlebars and is less likely to come undone or unravel on the bars due to the adhesive.


Key Feature 1
handlebar tape made of microfibre with additional ‘anti-shock’ cushioning
Key Feature 2
with perforated surface for improved grip
Key Feature 3
shock-absorbing to protect wrists
Key Feature 4
pleasant on skin
Key Feature 5
Grip Type