XLC grips single density 130/92mm, black, for twist shift right

SKU: 2501580010


The XLC grips Single Density GR-S33 are designed explicitly for twist grip shifters, offering the same performance and grip as other mountain bike grips. They can be used for single-sided grip shifters or dual-sided grip shifters, so they are truly the best of both worlds. The grips are designed to be both ergonomic and lightweight, providing maximum comfort without being too bulky or heavy. A Kraton coating provides excellent anti-slip qualities giving the rider better grip and feel through the handlebars, even when wet or slippery. Bar end caps are included within the construction, excluding the need to buy extra bar end caps, making them simpler to fit. Improve your grip and feel while out riding with the GR-S33 grips.


Key Feature 1
ergonomically shaped, lightweight grips
Key Feature 2
anti-slip thanks to the Kraton coating
Key Feature 3
for grip shifter right or grip shifters on both sides
Key Feature 4
including bar end caps for rotating handle right
Grip Type
Locking Handle
Handlebar plugs
Length in mm