XLC FW quick release QR-L01 Cr-Mo black, FW

SKU: 2501601560


This is a quick release set built for maximum convenience. The XLC QR-L01 FW quick release set is so simple it can be mounted with just one hand and zero adjustments. With a tempered CroMo steel spindle, you can be sure that this is a tough piece of machinery. The aluminium lever is strong yet lightweight, making sure this is as durable as it is practical. Use the XLC FW quick release set QR-L01 to easily remove your wheels without the need for tools. Perfect for if you need to service your tires or if you’re looking to replace them.


Key Feature 1
quick release lever with CroMo spindle
Key Feature 2
new security system
Key Feature 3
no adjustment needed
Key Feature 4
can be mounted with one hand