XLC Flat Mount adapter for PM brake FM RW Ø140mm

SKU: 2500372400


The XLC flat mount adapter BR-X72 is designed to be used specifically with frames that currently use flat-mount brake systems. This adapter then enables you to use post-mount disc brakes, thus opening up more of the top brand’s brake systems available on the market. The adapter is CNC machined, a manufacturing process renowned for its preciseness and high-quality production. It reduces waste and offers reliable products for the consumer. XLC has created this adapter out of aluminium, a metal known for its strength and lightweight. The BR-X72 can only be used with rear-wheel mounts and on discs that have a diameter of 140mm. For other front wheel mount adapters or different disc sizes, XLC has a large catalogue of adapters.


Key Feature 1
flat mount adapter for post mount brakes
Key Feature 2
CNC machined
Key Feature 3
lightweight construction