XLC Fidlock connector for uniframe for XLC Fidlock bottles

SKU: 2503233002


The Fidlock adapter for standard frames WB-X04 from XLC allows more riders to use the Fidlock bottle system. Traditionally used in mountain biking, the Fidlock system removes bottle cages entirely and uses specially designed water bottles that lock into position using the Fidlock collets. The water bottle is designed to stay put even on the rockiest and techiest of trails. It also means your bike’s aesthetic isn’t altered by the appearance of a bottle cage. This bike base adapter allows you to use XLC bottles with Fidlock collets. XLC does a wide range of bike accessories; all manufactured to an outstanding degree of quality. Although Fidlock is popular with mountain bikers, this adapter will work with most bikes, including city, road, race and trekking.


Key Feature 1
Bike base adapter for XLC bottles with Fidlock collet
Key Feature 2
adapter for XLC Water Bottle WB-K04 with Fidlock collet
including screws and bolts