XLC cycle booties BO-A03 size 45/46

SKU: 2510002400


The XLC Cyclebooties BO-A03 are a great way of improving your experience of cycling in bad conditions. As the old saying goes, ‘there is no bad weather, only imperfect clothing’ – and these overshoes will get you one step closer to perfection.The main body of the Booties is made with 2mm-thick Neoprene, while there is extra support on the reinforced and rubberised toe – to ensure enduring service from your new overshoes.A reflective strip on the back should help make you more visible in low-light conditions, which tend to go hand in hand with gloomy weather. Now you don’t need to take the bus to school or work when it’s a rainy morning, you can pull these booties on – along with your most waterproof coat – and head off onto the roads.


Key Feature 1
2mm neoprene material protects against cold, rain and dirt
Key Feature 2
reflective piping
Key Feature 3
waterproof, lateral rubber zip
Key Feature 4
silicone print