XLC Comp A-headset HS-A08 1 1/8" taper Ø 30.0mm, black

SKU: 2500505300


The headset is a pretty well-concealed component, but it is integral to the functioning of your bike and takes a lot of abuse when out riding. If you ride the same bike for a long period of time through all seasons and conditions, the chances are you'll need to replace the headset at some point, and the XLC Comp A-Head Headset HS-A08 should get the job done.This unit is designed to fit a steerer tube with a diameter of 1.1/8" (28.6mm) – pretty standard – and its dimensions come to 27.2mm in total – that's 15.4mm for the top section and 11.8mm for the bottom. The headset cone is 30mm and is compatible with a frame diameter of 34mm.Manufactured from sturdy and hard-wearing aluminium, the XLC Comp A-Head Headset HS-A08 with cartridge bearings comes in black or silver so you can maintain colour consistency throughout your bike’s components.


Key Feature 1
classic A-head headset
Key Feature 2
with cartridge mount