XLC combination chain lock Yakuza Plus Ø 8mm/800mm

SKU: 2502334865


One step higher for security than a simple cable lock, the XLC Chain Combination Lock Yakuza Plus LO-C19 is rated five on the security level scale. It uses an X2P Quattro Bolt system to make it more difficult for would-be thieves to successfully break the lock. It also uses a SBC Steel Ball Combo, which is an adjustable 4-digit code combination lock for extra security. It is designed to be easily used even when wearing gloves and is available in three lengths: 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. The chain is made of solid hardened steel and reinforced with titanium, and is protected further by a cover to prevent dirt and water ingress from compromising the chain.


Key Feature 1
X2P Quattro Bolt
Key Feature 2
SBC Steel Ball Combo - adjustable 4-digit code combination lock, smooth ball bearing system
Key Feature 3
easy to use even when wearing cycling gloves
Key Feature 4
lock body rubber coated
Key Feature 5
chain made of solid hardened steel reinforced with titanium
Lock control
Lock cover
Length in cm
Diameter in mm