XLC combination chain lock Yakuza Ø 4mm/800

SKU: 2502334800


At security level 4, the XLC chain combination lock Yakuza LO-C17 is a solid choice to keep your bike safe when it's unattended. The Yakuza is constructed with a solid steel chain in a textile cover, preventing it from scratching any paint or rims. Although the sturdy chain looks hefty, it is, in fact, very lightweight and easy to use. The locking system utilises a 3-digit combination code, which is specifically designed to be easy to use with gloves on, meaning even in the most inclimate weather, you can keep your hands warm and dry while still being able to secure your bike. Slot this in your backpack or pannier, and know you'll be able to park your bike securely, wherever you go.


Key Feature 1
steel cable with textile cover
Key Feature 2
lock with 3-digit combination code
Key Feature 3
easy to use even when wearing cycling gloves
Key Feature 4
light and easy to use
Key Feature 5
security level 4
Lock control
Lock cover
Length in cm
Diameter in mm