XLC coil cable lock Al Capone III Ø 10mm/1,850mm

SKU: 2502331500


A highly portable and convenient bicycle lock, the XLC Spiral Cable Lock Al Capone III LO-L08 is perfect for quick stops at the shop or cafés where your bike won't be out of sight for long. The LO-L08 is incredibly handy for travelling as it comes with a Snap Lock QR bracket that can be mounted to your bike. It is available in three diameters: 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm. It comes with one LED key for use in low light and four precision keys as backups. The X2P double bolt system reduces the ease with which thieves can break or damage the lock, particularly through drilling. The lock body itself is double rubber coated to protect it from the elements.


Key Feature 1
X2P double bolt
Key Feature 2
interlock: Z cylinder incl. BumbBlok
Key Feature 3
lock body double rubber coated
Key Feature 4
1 LED key and 4 precision keys
Key Feature 5
rotatable dust guard
Lock control
Fitting hardware
Length in cm
Diameter in mm